St.Andrew's Mission & Vision


Together students, parents, teachers, supervisors, directors, and administrators must work to create an environment in which the children of St. Andrews High School can gain the skills necessary to be successful, informed citizens in order to actively participate in society.


We envision the St. Andrews High School as a place where students will be educated through the use of innovative techniques and multifaceted resources by educators who are constantly improving their craft to deliver instruction.

Philosophy of the School

During their years in the St.Andrew’s high school, our students will undergo great, natural changes in both mind and body. It is the purpose of our school to participate with the family and community in helping the students channel those changes so that they may develop into productive members of the family, the community and the state.

Our most compelling tool for channeling student’s growth is the classroom. In our classrooms, laboratories, libraries and play areas, we promote growth in intellect, emotion, skill and physical well-being. The staff and administration act together to nurture the classroom environment by planning lessons, maintaining conducive atmosphere and supporting discipline.

In planning the structure of our school academics, we consider the multifaceted society surrounding students and school. We allow for each discipline and each extracurricular activity autonomy in finding the method and approach that best suits the specific goals of each student.

Ultimately, as a result of all the above, we aim for: a student with intellectual tools for success in the real world; with economic skills suitable to his/her place in the labor market; with social attitudes and values congenial to life as an individual and community member.

It is the expectation of this school that all students achieve the Telangana State Core Curriculum Content Standards at all class levels.

The important objectives of our school philosophy are:

A. To provide an environment which promotes learning and self-motivation for students to develop responsibility, confidence, self-respect, awareness and leadership ability.

B. To provide instruction and practice in developing communication and interpretation skills.

C. To make available and encourage, the study of languages, participation in extracurricular activities and overcome individual weaknesses.